Swedish Massage

Our “House Special” – relax and enjoy a pampering full body massage to relieve tension and bring about overall relaxation!

Deep Tissue Massage

Receive a full body massage with extra attention on the neck, back, and shoulders. This massage relaxes you with slower, deeper strokes to relieve specific muscle tension and stimulate circulation deeper within the tissue.

Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shells are 100% natural and originate from the Philippines. A mixture of minerals and algae are placed within the shells body. The addition of salt water activates the mixture creating a chemical reaction that heats the shells for up to two hours. Unlike a Hot Stone treatment, your therapist never has to leave your body to replace a shell, creating a much more fluid and transportive experience. The heat radiated from inside the shell brings warm, deep therapy to the layers of the muscle to release tension and create an overall experience of relaxation and well being.


Add personalized essential oil to enhance your massage experience.


Peppermint – refreshes

Eucalyptus – sinus & relaxation

Lavender – relaxation

Rose Geranium – soothes