Why You Need to Visit the Stunning Simi Winery!

Here at Honor Mansion, we are proud to be located near over 400 wineries in Sonoma Wine Country. One of the most spectacular vineyards in our breathtaking region is Simi Winery. When you visit this stunning wine lover’s paradise, you’ll be enthralled by the smooth flavors of ripe grapes and sensational tastes. This splendid winery is conveniently located in downtown Healdsburg and offers some of the best bottles of wine in California. Just 1.5 miles from your stunning accommodation at Honor Mansion, you’ll fall in love with the quaint atmosphere and feel relaxed while sipping on a glass of their signature wines. 

As you plan your weekend away to Healdsburg, CA, request a copy of our free Vacation Guide to Sonoma Wine Country. You’ll find our top-notch recommendations for exceptional wine destinations like Simi Winery, as well as local restaurants, outstanding annual events, and delightful walking tours. Our guide also features the glorious guest rooms and suites at Honor Mansion!

Everything You Need to Know About Simi Winery

Simi Winery is the premiere downtown Healdsburg, CA, destination for wine lovers. This breathtaking vineyard has been the most popular wineries Sonoma Wine Country since 1876. Before you plan your visit, read our insights for this winery and everything you’ll need to know.

The Wine Tastings

Simi Winery offers excellently blended wine and delights the public with the best tastes and flavors in Sonoma Wine Country. While you are staying with us at Honor Mansion, we urge all of our guests to walk in for a wine tasting at Simi Winery. From your first sip of their exquisite wine, you’ll taste the century-old winemaking techniques and experience the finest flavors.

You can also plan a tour the winery and cellars. During this guided experience, you’ll get a first-hand look at how each grape is pressed to perfection, fermented, and bottled. This exclusive is available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day and requires a reservation.

Ideal Wedding Venue

If you are searching for the perfect place to exchange your vows, Simi Winery is the ideal wedding venue. Their full-service wedding staff boasts years of professional experience and handles everything for you. From the bouquets to catering to bottles of wine, you’ll feel at ease knowing your special day will be completely taken care of by the Simi Winery staff. In addition, each vendor works with you and creates your perfect wedding day for you and your beloved.

Join Exclusive Club

After you have savored the rich flavors and regional tastes, you may want to join the exclusive Simi Heritage Club. With this membership, you’ll receive a minimum of three bottles of the special, winery-exclusive wines in February, May, September, and November. You’ll also receive 20% off your online orders and complimentary wine tastings and winery tours. This loyalty system is the perfect way to indulge in the best wines in Healdsburg, CA, even you are unable to visit one of the oldest wineries in the region.

Luxury Awaits at Honor Mansion!

Nestled in the heart of downtown Healdsburg near Simi Winery, you’ll find the luxurious Honor Mansion. Our estate houses 13 charming accommodations adorned with the finest furnishings and exudes a rejuvenating atmosphere.

As you browse our top-notch selection, consider booking our Angel Oak Room! This dreamy guest room showcases a stately fireplace, romantic bathtub, and plush Queen-size bed. You’ll be enthralled with stunning views from your private deck overlooking our clear blue pool, resort grounds, and an over 200-year-old oak tree. With so much relaxation and exceptional wine waiting for you, why wait to plan your vacation?

Indulge in the flavors of Wine Country with us today!