Everything You Need to Know About Gary Farrell Winery

Calling all wine aficionados! During your stay at Honor Mansion, you’ll have easy access to an assortment of boutiques wineries, a collection of historical sites, and a selection of exceptional eateries. One of the most fantastic wineries to visit in Sonoma County is Gary Farrell Winery. This stunning vineyard offers some of the finest Chardonnays and Pinots in the Russian River Valley. A visit to this charming winery will make a wonderful addition to your getaway!Gary Farrell Winery  

After your tasting experience at Gary Farrell Winery, spend more time immersing yourself in our local culture. If you’re having difficulty planning your vacation, let us at Honor Mansion assist you. No matter what time of year you visit Sonoma Wine Country, request a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide to carry around with you. 

Why You Need to Visit Gary Farrell Winery

One of the most exceptional vineyards in the Russian River Valley is Gary Farrell Winery. Whether you’ve tasted the wonderful wines or wish to try something new in Sonoma County, consult our local insights for how to enhance your time during your visit.

How Is the Wine Different From the Rest

Since the 1970s, Gary Farrell, a vintner in the Russian River AVA, has crafted some of the finest wines in the region. Over the years, the critically acclaimed wines at the Gary Farrell Winery continue to harness the robust flavor of small-lot winemaking. This special technique allows for a more controlled environment where each grape is carefully pressed to perfection. While you’re touring, ask the guides more questions about this complex process.

Which Wines to Try

Once you’ve experienced one of the 90-minute tours, sip, savor, and socialize in one of the charming sampling rooms. Whether you enjoy blends and the views in The Salon, The Meadow View Room, The Inspiration Room, or on The Terrace, you’ll have a wonderful time delighting in the wines as well as gourmet delicacies.

There is also a variety of tasting experiences to choose from, but each offers something indulgent for you to enjoy. If you love the rich flavors of red wines, indulge in the Gary Farrell Pinot Noir. If the crispy, refreshing tastes of white wines delight your palate, treat yourself to the Gary Ferrell Chardonnay. Before you visit, make sure to reserve your appointment a least 24 hours in advance. A member of our concierge team can assist you with making the reservation.

Taste From Your Home

Simply cannot get enough the exquisite notes of the blends, join the Grand Crew Club. This exclusive membership guarantees a number of newly released wines, a percentage off any blend you order, complimentary wine tastings, and other signature vino. Whether you choose the Collector, the Connoisseur, or the Enthusiast, each of these tiers brings the splendor of this vineyard to your front door. Ask an associate on your tour for more information regarding this program.  

Relax Together at Honor Mansion

Bring your souvenir wines and delightful experiences at Gary Farrell Winery back with you to the refined comfort of our wine country resort. Here at Honor Mansion, we offer a delightful selection of gorgeous retreats, each of which boasts restored antiques, spa-like bathrooms, and exudes an inviting atmosphere. Once you book your ideal one, you’ll feel relaxed by the thought of traveling to the enchanting Sonoma County. We can’t wait to host you this year at Honor Mansion!