The Honor Mansion: A Dream Realized

Steve & Cathi Fowler

When Steve and Cathi Fowler relocated their family to Healdsburg, California in the 1990s, they were excited and optimistic about their carefully planned future.  With three beautiful children and Steve’s successful career as a corporate executive, the Fowlers were well on their way to living the American dream.  They soon realized that their dream would become increasingly complicated, yet even more enriching, than they had ever imagined.

While Steve’s job at Nestlé took them around the country, their family grew at a steady pace.  The Fowlers eventually settled in Northern California, quite close to where their lives began together.  Over many years, Steve and Cathi traveled for business and pleasure.  Experiences at numerous hotels shaped their high standards for luxury, service, and privacy.  Upon entertaining the idea of opening a lodging property, they resolved to incorporate the very things they appreciated in their stays: a high level of service, luxurious linens, great food and world-class hospitality.

Honor Mansion

“We told our realtor to keep her ears open for possibilities, and two days later she called us about the mansion,”  Cathi explained. Skeptical that anything would materialize so quickly, the Fowlers went to view the property and immediately fell in love.  After purchasing the property, they proceeded with renovations that left them, their contractor, and the local community shaking their heads in disbelief.  Everything was taken out and redone. After a whirlwind of six months of renovations, the Honor Mansion opened for business.  Gradually, the Honor Mansion expanded from its original two rooms that it began with. The Fowlers continuously evolved their dreams and made it into a reality.

Now, the property boasts thirteen exquisite rooms and suites complete with pristine private baths, feather beds, European linens, Egyptian towels, imported toiletries, fresh flowers, and various other comforts.  Amenities offered by the Honor Mansion include gourmet breakfast, wine and appetizers, resort grounds, concierge services.

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